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Indi-UX is a global digital brand experiences Design + Strategy firm

We design ecosystems
to deliver better brands to customers
Indi-UX is a global digital brand experiences Design + Strategy firm. We transform businesses by creating ecosystems of experiences that deliver a distinctly better brand.
Our passion is to integrate ideas with realities. We partner with companies in growth to anticipate the future, advance the human development.









Digital Campaigns & Experience Strategy

User consumes the brands through various channels. So, today it’s not just about designing a website or an app. While acquiring a new customer we must retain the existing one. We help the brands do that by designing and planning the digital campaigns. With our across the industry experience, We help the businesses strategise the brand experiences to supersede the business KPIs.

Digital campaigns & experience design

While we can help in strategising for long run, we understand that brands might have already done the required running around. We wear the designers’ hat and take forward your strategy to execution in forms of designing experiences for B2B, B2C, B2E sectors and design multichannel experiences in web, mobile, social, cloud, enterprise, wearable, IoT

Social media strategy & execution

It’s all integrated. Instagram connects to Facebook connects to twitter connects to Pinterest, so on and so forth with this crazy world of social media. It’s the most interesting media for brands today and easiest to scale up for global market. We get it and can help your brand succeed in this digitally driven market. This is an ongoing effort and our media copywriters would be on the tap for you.

Measure and recommend

INDI has been in the space of innovation since a few decades now. We have helped global brands to leapfrog and be the trend. We can do this for you in the digital space by studying the digital analytics data and recommend further on what your brand should do to lead the wave.

Give it life, code

We can just be with your brand and help to give life to the design artifacts. Help these artifacts generate an experience by adding a code behind. Only designing is not enough. So, we help the brands build a website / app. Hence we become an end-to-end digital services company.

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